She loves Powerful Crisp, Charming Details and Transparent Poetry. 
She is Magnifique Chic, She is Custommade.

The Spring Summer 20 collection is a tribute to femininity and female empowerment; it is a celebration of the women who dress for themselves, in order to feel confident, yet so flattering and chic. Her personality is sparkling and effortlessly pretty. A controlled nonchalance. Her style expresses freedom – a woman’s freedom and her independence.

The Spring Summer 20 appearance at Copenhagen Fashion Week with the installation “for the Magnifique Chic” was the Premiere Presentation (No. 01) in the history of Custommade. Surrounded by the beautiful architecture of The Royal Theatre of Copenhagen, the presentation introduced the new Custommade girl and her playful attitude towards fashion. In an elegant atmosphere the playfulness of the collection was brought to life through activity and interaction, fashion meets acting.
With this presentation, we want to introduce you to the new Custommade girl.