Custommade’s vision is to bring magnifique chic essentials beyond all borders to cosmopolitan women around the world. A celebration of women who dress for themselves in flattering and chic styles in order to feel and radiate confidence. The philosophy of the design is self–confident femininity with an utter respect for each piece. Every design has a poetic and dreamy feel that creates a fashion forward ”magnifique” look that is adorable preppy.
The brand identity of Custommade is emphasized by the sophisticated design in a bold, playful and charming way. As the new girl you want to be. It is all about creating admirable fashion for the Custommade muse – for a state of mind. With the limited edition collection of By Numbers, Custommade has kept some of its origin by creating numbered styles made out of luxurious and extraordinary fabrics.
Her personality is sparkling and effortlessly fabulous. A controlled nonchalance. Her style expresses freedom – a woman’s freedom and her independence. This woman. Has a certain feminine atmosphere around her, but at the same time, she is not afraid to borrow simple details from the male wardrobe. She perfectly pairs the cool French spirit with playful Italian crystal details.
Custommade is fashion for the Magnifique.